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If you have an automobile in the state of Florida, you need to know how to find the cheapest auto insurance in Florida from  Each state has different laws so if you are moving to the state, pay special attention to the words below.

What are the Mandatory Laws?

If you have a vehicle and you reside in the state of Florida, you must have a registered vehicle and it must have insurance which meets the state’s minimum liability protection laws.  These include a $10,000 minimum for a single person who sustains a bodily injury in an accident.  There is a $20,000 minimum required for two or more injured people and a $10,000 minimum coverage for property damage.

There is a law known as the “Florida Financial Responsibility Law” that gives minimum coverages for things like DUI citations and license revocation, driver’s license suspension is if you happen to lose too many points, revocation of a person’s license for people who are habitual offenders, and for an automobile accident that caused injuries and that you caused.

If you live in Florida and have a car there, you must have insurance coverage through a reputable licensed Florida insurance according to  You can’t have the policy you had that was issued in a different state.

What are the Florida Auto Insurance Requirements Regarding Rental Cars?

You need to find out if your auto insurance policy covers rental cars.  Many do so and this saves you an extra charge when you are renting a car.  If it does not cover for rental cars or if your credit card does not offer such a program, you will have to sign up for a brief insurance policy regarding the care you rent.  Rental car places are required to have the same minimum coverage limits as regular insurance companies.  Usually the coverage is cheap, around $7.00 to $14.00 per day.

What about Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Florida?

While you can certainly purchase cheap coverage that protects you against and underinsured or uninsured motorists that you can get into an accident with, it is actually not required by the state of Florida.  You need to sign a waiver, however, if you decide not to purchase this kind of coverage.  It pays to get the coverage, however, so if you can afford it, get coverage in the event of an accident.

What about other Household members who might drive the Vehicle?


Almost all cheap insurance companies require that you list all the drivers in your household even though the state of Florida does not require it.  It is important to do this, however, because if you don’t list a member and this person gets into a car accident, you can be denied coverage for the accident claim according to here.

Rules around stopping your Insurance

If you let your coverage lapse or you lose your coverage by some other means, you might lose your driving privileges for a maximum of three years or until you can prove to the state that you have automobile insurance again.  Besides your license, you lose your registration and your vehicle tag.  It will cost you to get your license back–$150 for your first offense and up to $500 if you are a habitual offender. Before this happens, contact an auto insurance company in Florida today.

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